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How do we stack up?

Introducing Our High Performance Drupal Stack

Edge Cache

We cache a pre-built version of your pages providing blazing fast response times under high concurrency. We've achieved 60ms average response times with 500 concurrent users in our bench tests of a Drupal 7 install.

Static content is served directly from cache and via Nginx to avoid bloated Apache processes. Apache serves the first request so your .htaccess rules still work but from there it's blazing fast cache all the way.

You can manage your edge cache settings, exclude paths and clear the edge cache any time through our custom control panel.

Drupal Tools

Drush, SSH and Git - The tools we use day to day are pre-installed and configured ready for you out the box. We're constantly adding to our workflow tools and listening to your feedback.

NginxPerformance Web Server

Highly efficient PHP-FPM worker processes handle PHP 5.4 runtime.

PHP is precompiled with APC Opcache reducing overhead in every page load.


Apache web server to provide complete Drupal support for new and old sites. This ensures compatibility with your .htaccess files, redirects and Drupal modules.

MySQLDB in Memory

Your database and web server are located on the same physical node, eliminating network latency. No arrangement of disks hanging from SAN/NAS arrays will beat local disk performance on a hardware RAID.

APC's Object/User cache to store your DB's cache tables. APC offers significant performance gains over Memcached on a single server environment.