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Drupal Hosting + Workflow

High performance, tenant isolated shared hosting on HA public cloud.

Easy Plan

Speedy Plan

Greedy Plan

Instant Setup Launch Launch Launch
Dev, UAT & Prod Deployments
Workflow Tools
Backups & Rollbacks
Drupal 6, 7 & 8 ready
Expert Ticket Response SLA 24hr 12hr 6hr
Traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Memory Limit 128MB 256MB 256MB
Storage 2GB 3,000 IOPS, Triple replication 5GB 3,000 IOPS, Triple replication 10GB 3,000 IOPS, Triple replication
Database Cache 32MB DB Cache 64MB DB Cache 128MB DB Cache
Drush, Git & SSH
1 Click Edge Cache
1 Click Install
PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, & 5.6
GD, uploadprogress, APC
Plesk Control Panel
Raw log file access
Drupal Specialists
Security and Performance Monitoring
Automatic Daily Backup and Rollback
Instant Setup Launch Launch Launch

All plans include…

Free 30-day trial Simple Drupal deployments Workflow Tools One click backups & rollbacks
Realtime security protection Email, SPAM filtering and virus scanning Drush, SSH, Git Edge Cache
Solr available (add-on) 24/7/365 Support 99.9% uptime and 24/7 monitoring Blazing fast, tenant isolated hosting

Questions? We’re here to help.

Do you scan your servers for vulnerabilities and if so how often?
Yes, we employ several security layers including log analysis, rootkit checks, etc. We run real time virus/malware and intrusion detection, monitoring all file uploads, emails, login attempts, etc.
Do you monitor the servers regularly?
We use common enterprise level monitoring tools including NewRelic and Pingdom and our relationship with the datacenter provider to anticipate infrastructure work at our DC's. Log events, security audits, etc are all centrally managed and reported.
Do you take regular backups and do you have a disaster recovery plan?
Our client data backups run daily with a 7 day retention to remote backup disk arrays across a secure connection. Our infrastructure is managed via Puppet in addition to machine images and so can be brought up and replicated with backups restored in a semi-automated process.
How does your pricing compare with other solutions?
HudHost doesn't offer the cheapest shared hosting on the planet, instead we try really hard to offer the best Drupal Hosting available. That means our customers choose to host their Drupal projects with us because they know they'll get blazing fast page speeds, great service and easy to use deployment tools that previously were only available for enterprise level fees.
Do you offer email as part of the package?
Yes, a free mail server account is offered with all hosting plans. Mail server security, SPAM and virus filtering are all included as standard.
Is it possible to easily upgrade plans say from the Easy Plan to the Speedy Plan?
Sure, it's very easy. You can upgrade and downgrade to any plan with a couple of clicks and there's no limit to how many times or how often.
Where are your servers located?
Currently our servers are located in France and Germany, with excellent connections to the UK and the rest of Europe. There are no current plans for hardware in non-EU regions... but watch this space.
Will I be able to select the Drupal version installed?
You can install any Drupal version you wish and our auto installer supports Drupal versions 6, 7 and 8 you may wish to manually upload and install Drupal via SFTP/rsync, etc to give you complete control.