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Why I’ve Never Been Excited by VPS

To my mind, the success of VPS has hinged on the fact it's been the only solution to fill the shared and dedicated server gap, not the ideal solution.


Essentials for Drupal Performance

Here we'll detail various common Drupal configurations and modules that developers can consider when optimising a production site for performance.

Let’s start with the real basics and a brief description, these concepts are widely covered elsewhere so we’ll keep the details brief and move on to some more advanced stuff.

Edge Cache Introduction

When you login to your control panel you’ll notice the HudHosting Edge Cache feature. This is our custom management utility that gives you all the power in a couple of clicks.


Varnish on Drupal - The Benefits of Reverse Proxy Caching

Lots of Drupal and Varnish information is available already, such as I don’t wish to cover old ground but thought I’d post some bench test results I’d gathered as part of an enterprise site I’ve recently been working on.

Why We Should Never Blame Other Developers

There's this itch we experience when faced with legacy code that clearly isn't optimal and there's one particular scratching stick that seems irresistible to us. Blame the last developer… “idiot”.

A few things spring to mind when I hear someone relent to the impulsive "this is blah, ...why did the last developer blah".

Drupal Reverse Proxy Performance Benchmark - HudHost Edge Cache

In this article I aim to illustrate the performance boost achieved from a production Drupal site with our Edge Cache enabled. That means the tests below are performed on our optimised hosting stack with Drupal cache and file aggregation enabled - just like they would be on any production site.